Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Upcoming Events

We recently finalized an offer from the Asian Pacific American Book Festival in Southern California. Please look for Tracey Gee on the panel of authors at the event on May 13th at the Japanese American Historical Museum in J-town.

This weekend, I'll be speaking at The River Community Church in San Jose. The River is a great, missional church that is trying to reach out to people in the city. Afterwards, the church is hosting a lunchtime discussion on "More than Serving Tea". The discussion will be geared towards women and men in the church community around what it means be or lead a group of Asian American women.

On Feb. 13th, some of the authors will be appearing at Azusa Pacific University. Co-sponsored by the office of student life, the women's center, and the Asian American students groups on campus, it will be a great discussion on issues raised by the book.

We hope to be on the Northwestern campus (Evanston, IL) in January or February as part of a discussion sponsored by the Asian American Student Affairs office.

Early on in the writing process, one of my friends asked if writing a book was a good vehicle for the material. In this age of media, internet, and visual arts, perhaps a play, a movie or music would be a better vehicle. But publishing a book has set the material in the language of the campus--books. And it's been generating good conversations about the topics of Asian women and faith on campus and beyond. One of the most encouraging "unexpected" items is that the book and these different events are drawing more and more people into the conversation surrounding gender/race/faith. If for no other reason, I'm glad more people are thinking and talking about it.

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